The Editorial Board

Membership in the King's Student Law Review Editorial Board is open to students at King's College London. Although positions are mostly filled by law students, applications from students of other degree disciplines are welcome for non-editorial positions.


The annual recruitment cycle begins around October each year, at the start of every new academic term. Interested applicants are generally expected to attend an interview.

The Current Board

This is the largest Board to date, due to the introduction of the King's Student Law Review Blog Series. The .PDF version of the current masthead is available for download here.

Editorial Board: Volume III (2011-2012)

Editor-in-ChiefManaging EditorHonorary Editor-in-Chief
Jean-Pierre GauciYi-Bin WohHin-Yan Liu
Submissions Co-Ordinator
Katarzyna Laskawiec
Heads of Editorial Board Members
Fabian ZhillaMaris Kask
Editorial Board Members
Marcel BehringerManasi Ganu
Aimi ZamanCorina Heri
Avinash AmarnathJames Hart
Francesca HandsAdnan Bekdur
Osinachi NnajiezeKafui Asembri
Head of Book Reviewers
Sophia Berry
Book Reviewers
Paolo ToniniBaskaran Balasingham
Head of Blog Editors
Nina Anana
Blog Editors
Agne LimanteBelen Menchon Orduna
Stefan MandelbaumJonathan Taylor
Athanasia HadjigeorgiouEleni Matsa
Philipp WideraAnahita Mathai
Frances HobdenThomas Bradfield
Mini Gautam
Head of Copy Editors
Debadyuti Banerjee
Copy Editors
Victoria BelchambersLakshmi Kishore
Nicole Renner
Marketing & Communications ManagerMarketing & Communications Officer
Andrea TangKatherine Lam
Web Content Manager
Mubarak Waseem
Layout Editor
Natalie Abbensetts