Who we are

The King's Student Law Review (KSLR) is an independent, online academic publication managed by students of the King's College London School of Law. The Review seeks to publish high-quality legal scholarship written by undergraduate and graduate students at King's and other leading law schools across the globe.

By students, for students

The KSLR is an exclusively student-run enterprise, with emphasis on improving academic writing and legal knowledge amongst students. As such, the Review aims to provide detailed feedback for every submission received, regardless of whether they are selected for publication or not. The Review also awards a prize of GBP 250 for the best essay within each published Issue.

Open access policy

The KSLR makes the full content of all articles published in the Review available for free. Authors are thus able to reach a worldwide audience and this increases the quantity of freely available legal scholarship.

Strong online presence

The KSLR has an active presence on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The Review is also listed on international legal research databases such as HeinOnline.

Generous support

The KSLR has benefitted from generous sponsors including Allen & Overy and the King's College London Alumni Fund. The KSLR is now affiliated with shipping law firm Campbell Johnston Clark.

KSLR Blog Series

In 2011, the KSLR expanded its audience to include a series of 8 law-related, interactive blogs in the areas of: